Monday, March 2, 2009

Because I still can

Quick update on training, and then on to something that I found interesting...

Had a good week last week. My last post had left off with my trifecta swim/bike/elliptical on Wednesday. I finished off the week with another masters swim, two more bike days, and three more runs. Totals for the week were about 10,000 yds of swimming, 140 miles of biking, and just under 30 miles of running. This week will be similar, with a little bit extra bike, and more running; ending with a 20 mile run on the weekend. Those always give you something to think about all week :) Getting closer to Boston, thus the increased running. So, on to the something that I found interesting...

My last post was about how to deal with the training volume, which is a question I'm frequently asked. Even more frequent, however, is the question "why do you do it?". There are lots of reasons, some hard to express. At our core, I think we all get satisfaction out of setting goals that stretch us and then achieving them. And there is no doubt that I feel much better physically and mentally... at least when I'm not dead tired! :)

I recently read an entry to a triathlon forum by a guy that added another thought to the "why" question, which I thought was pretty good. He mentions a friend that had once commented "Someday my body will not be able to run, bike and swim but today is not that day." Then he went on to say the following (note that s/b/r is swim/bike/run):

..."About a month ago I herniated a C7 cervical disc in my neck while lifting weights at the gym. So now "today" actually IS that day. Today my body is not able to s/b/r and it's killing me! I recently sent a new personal record - this is now the longest period of time I've gone w/o running in over 12 years! I feel like a part of my soul is missing. I will heal and I will get back in the game but for right now I sit and look out the window and just wish I could run. I went to the gym yesterday to just float around the pool. I thought about how good it feels - mentally and physically - to swim for a solid hour. Sooner or later, if you tri long enough, you will find yourself riding the bench and only then will you realize how much you truly love to s/b/r. .."

So, perhaps I have no better reason than "because I still can", but that is not such a bad reason after all :)

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