Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Old fashioned bikes and Home sweet home

Sunday before I left Florida I did a short bike ride (10 miles) on my stepdad's bike. Good old trusty single-speed bike with the fat tires. Was kind of fun to just roam around on that for a bit, although it didn't do much for my average speed! :)

Got back home on Monday from the coaching clinic, and started getting back into normal routine on Tuesday. Some weight training, a 7 mile run interval set, and 1:10 on the computrainer. Really liking the instant feedback the CT provides on the biking. Today I got back to swimming and did a few miles on the elliptical. Later I'll be doing some intervals on the computrainer, trying to get the watts up high for 10 minutes or so at a time.

A little tired today, but I'll post again soon and talk a little about the coaching clinic itself; and some of the kinds of things we learned.

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