Sunday, March 15, 2009

Classroom time over, back to real life

OK, all done with the classroom portion of the certification program. They gave us a take-home test that we have to mail back in the next 6 weeks; along with some other paperwork, CPR certification proof, etc. Overall, good training class with lots of information. The trick now is to take all the information, and the information yet to come, and be able to distill and customize that into useful plans and advice for each individual athlete (including myself). There are clearly differing points of view on many training and racing topics, so that adds extra challenge.

Training-wise it has been slow as expected. Didn't do anything on Friday, but Saturday I did fit in some speed training work on the track at the training center. Pretty nice place to workout :)

Later today (Sunday), I hope to fit in a short bike ride and somewhere around a 6 mile run. Maybe even a short swim to cool down. We'll see how motivated I am...

Heading back home tomorrow, and will jump back into normal routine by Tuesday.

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