Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Weekend

Every once in while I have what I refer to as a "big weekend", meaning there is a pretty high training load; and this past weekend was one of those. Did my usual swim Friday morning and bike trainer on Friday afternoon; then had 80 miles of biking (with short run after) scheduled for Saturday and a 20 mile run for Sunday.

It was actually kind of cool in the morning on Saturday (40's), so I decided to ride the computrainer for about an hour before heading outdoors. I got everything ready to go, so after a little over one hour on the trainer; I was able to get on the road in just a few minutes. That all went well, and I ended up riding for another 58 miles; or approximately 78 when the computrainer time was added in. This was a good test, since in the summer I plan on using the trainer as a warmup and/or cooldown; in order to avoid having too many hours in 98 degree heat! After the bike ride, I did a 3 mile run to complete the day.

Sunday I was feeling a little tired, and wondered how the run was going to go; but it actually went very well. Did just over twenty miles (2 loops around Town Lake), and had a nice pace. Forecast was mid-70's, and I was feeling pretty warm on the second loop. Got to the car and learned it was actually about 86! Good job as usual, weather forecasters :)

After the run, went out with my wife (Susie) and had a nice Italian meal; as I was feeling the need for lots of food at that point... Nice way to end the weekend.

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