Thursday, March 26, 2009

Next up... Lonestar Triathlon

Getting close to the first triathlon of the season... Lonestar Half Ironman in Galveston, Texas. Started winding down the volume a little bit, allowing the body to start recovering and rest up for the race. Not a lot different during the week, other than skipping my usual Monday bike ride; but the weekend volume will be greatly reduced. Next week the volume really goes down leading up to the race, although I'll do at least intervals of high intensity to keep primed for the race. As I mentioned when talking about tapering for the marathon; tapering makes people crazy, and nobody agrees on exactly how to do it. You just learn what works best for you over time, and adjust it based on the race and where it fits into the grand scheme. On that note, I'm doing more running than I might normally this week, since I'm trying to stay in marathon shape for the Boston Marathon on April 20th.

Gotta run, but next entry I'm going to tally up the mileage this year and compare it to where I was at last year for this same race (although I did the Quarter Ironman last year, not the half). I think the running will be similar, a lot more biking, and the swimming will be an order of magnitude higher. The big question is, will there be a payoff?

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