Sunday, March 8, 2009

Numbers, we love our numbers

I mentioned having done some number-crunching in my last entry. Triathletes as a rule tend to really love their numbers. What's your 100m swim interval time? What's your 10K run pace? fastest marathon? How many watts/kg do you generate on the bike? What cadence to you maintain on the bike? What's the rolling resistance of your tires (seriously, they do ask that one)... Etc., etc. etc. One of the most frequent questions, and one that stirs up quite a bit of debate, is "how many miles of s/b/r do you do per week/month/year"? So, I did some checking to see how this year is stacking up against the last couple years.

Swimming is where the biggest change is, since I decided to finally get semi-serious about it. The last couple years I averaged around 150K yards of swimming (real swimmers, you can finish reading after you're done laughing). This year, I've done close to 100K already, and should finish close to 400K if I stick to the plan. It's really not been bad, which I credit to the masters swim group that I joined. And the swim speeds have improved already, btw.

Biking will more than double this year as compared to the previous two years; close to 6000 miles planned for the year (approx 1000 done so far). Hope I can find a way to get the carbon-frame bike that I have my eye on; as that will help reduce some of the beating the body takes on those long bike rides. And I'm also looking forward to using the computrainer.

Running is not going up as much percentage-wise as the other two, but still significant. I should hit around 1500 miles of running, up from 1000 or so. That's mainly due to the extra marathon and then having the 2 ironman distance races as well.

So, should make for an interesting season. Have to see if the body holds up. It's pretty amazing what the body can do, though; I still get very surprised at how it adapts to whatever craziness you throw at it.

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