Thursday, February 12, 2009

A word about A,B, and C races

Still tapering for the marathon on Sunday. Did my last swim and bike for the week yesterday (nothing like jumping in the pool at 5:30 am sharp). Today I did a 5 mile interval run, and tomorrow I will do... NOTHING! Yeah :)

My last post I mentioned the marathon this weekend not being an "A" race, so I thought I'd elaborate on that just a bit. Races are the fun stuff, so I like to do them; but you can't peak for every race that you do. Training plans are designed to gradually build up your speed and endurance, peaking about 3 weeks before the race, and then tapering down until you're ready to bust out the gates for the race. You cannot do that for multiple races in a year, so you have to figure out which races are the really important ones, and then build the plan around those. For the lesser races, you fit them into the schedule, but your training and tapering are not designed specifically for those races.

My key races this year are the two ironman distance triathlon races (OK Redman and IM Cozumel). Next level down would be the Boston Marathon and the Longhorn 70.3 Half Ironman. With the Austin Marathon being early in the season and just over 2 months before Boston, I didn't want to do overdo the training leading up to the race (you can't just train full tilt the entire year); nor could I afford to build in a full 3 week taper like I would for a critical race. So, I made sure I did enough training to have a good day and not get injured, and enough tapering to have relatively fresh legs. We'll see how that works in a couple days!

I guess I need to somehow incorporate some pictures in here so things don't get too boring, so here's one of me in Haiti with my "Haitian daughter" Valodia. Kids like her are why I'm doing this, after all :)

Please see this website to read more about the HFK program and to make donations:
RMI Hope For Kidz Website Link


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