Monday, February 23, 2009

Re-introduction to my bike

It had been 3 weeks since I'd actually been outside on my "real" bike (picture at left is from last year's LoneStar Triathlon), as I had been doing my rides indoors on the bike trainer, so I decided we should become re-acquainted. Went out on Sunday and rode about 46 miles, at which point I was out of drink and getting very cold (sweat combined with cool headwinds can do that). It was nice to be outdoors and see other living human beings and some sunshine for a while, anyway. I needed to get in 15 more bike miles, so I jumped back on the trainer and finished off the remainder. Then a quick change and back on the road to run 3 miles. Makes for a long Sunday afternoon, but compared to the hours I used to spend watching football or basketball, I consider it a good trade.

Started out this morning with a good hard swim (about 3400 yards total), and will close out today with 20-25 miles on the bike trainer. So far, so good; as i'm feeling good about the workouts and not getting burnt out. I want to take advantage of the cooler weather for building up my fitness "base"; as things can get pretty rough in the summer when it starts hitting 100 degrees. That computrainer (indoor bike trainer) may just end up being my best friend...

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