Monday, February 16, 2009

Austin Marathon report

Another one down! Had a good race yesterday... stuck to the plan in regards to pacing, and finished right where I was targeting (3:39:34). The best part was that I was able to feel relatively good for the last 10K, which often can be a very tough and painful part of the marathon. My pace for that last 10K was actually a few seconds faster/mile than my overall pace, so holding to my goal pace earlier on (when you often go too fast due to race day adrenaline) seems to have paid off.

It was a nice day for a marathon. Overcast and grey for the first couple hours, but the sun eventually came out. The temperature started in the low 50's and ended up right around 60. For me, that's about as good a temperature range as I could ask for.

Nothing too exciting to report about the race itself. Just kind of plodded along through the miles, trying not to think too much about how much further I had to go until I got to mile 20. When I hit that and still felt OK, that was a pretty good feeling. As mentioned above, that last 10K can sometimes be pretty brutal; where you just swear that someone is playing with you and moving each mile marker further back.

So, now I turn my attention to the LoneStar 1/2 Ironman Triathlon. Time to get a little more into the triathlon mindset; which primarily means getting back to the bike. I have been doing a fair amount of biking, but need to bring it up a notch or two. Can't neglect the running, either; since I have Boston Marathon two weeks after the LoneStar. That's going to be one of the more interesting stretches for this year...

Please see this website to read more about the HFK program and to make donations:
RMI Hope For Kidz Website Link

Race Schedule:

January 11: RunTex 20 Miler (20 mile run) -> COMPLETED

January 25: Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon (27.2 miles run/bike/run) -> COMPLETED

February 15: Austin Marathon (26.2 mile run) -> COMPLETED

April 5: Lonestar 1/2 Ironman Triathlon (70.3 miles swim/bike/run)

April 20: Boston Marathon (26.2 mile run)

September 19: Redman ironman distanceTriathlon (140.6 miles swim/bike/run)

October 25: Longhorn 1/2 Ironman Triathlon (70.3 miles swim/bike/run)

November 29: Ironman Cozumel Triathlon (140.6 miles swim/bike/run)

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