Sunday, May 17, 2009

How do you make a 3 hour bike rider harder?

How about doing it on a bike trainer? Had a very rainy day on Saturday, so biking outdoors was out of the question. I decided to see how much of the planned ride I could do on the computrainer. I managed just over 3 hours (with a couple breaks thrown in for sanity), at which point I finally threw in the towel (literally). Took a number of distractions... Watching the computrainer main screen, working on the spinscan to even my pedal stroke, listening to music, and even some reading. It would have been easier if I would have started first thing in the morning, but I had an appointment and couldn't get started until around 10. The good news it that it sure beat the option of not doing any biking at all!

Here's to sunny outdoor bike rides with some good friends :)

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