Sunday, May 24, 2009

The first 100 miler of the year...

Went out Friday (was off work) and did a 100 mile bike ride. First one of the year, so the ending 15 or 20 miles were a bit of a grind. That's where you just keep pedaling and try to think of other things besides how slowly the miles are going by! It was made worse by the fact that my normal bike needed some gear adjustments; and I therefore had to ride my old Trek 1000. Heavier and slower, which is not a great combination :) But, I did finish in a reasonable time, and I did a 4 mile run afterwards, which actually went very well.

The next day I helped out at an open water swim clinic. I really enjoyed that, as I think most of the people that were there got a lot out of it. Open water swims, and triathlon swims in particular, can be very intimidating - even if you've done them before. The clinic gave them good pointers, and also let them try out some practice swims in the lake. It helped re-enforce the direction I'm going in regards to coaching. I can spend hours helping out with something like that and answering questions, and I enjoy every minute of it.

Now it's time to enjoy this long holiday weekend! :)

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