Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not loving the weather folks...

They just can't seem to get it right. My report from the Redman triathlon 3 weeks ago outlined some rain issues that the forecasters completely missed; and things seem to be continuing along those lines. This past Saturday, they all said it would be mid-50's in the morning and overcast; and then clear up and warm to low 70's by the afternoon. Great day for a long bike ride, right? Well, they got the first part right, but the second part never happened. Stayed mid-50's and overcast the entire day, so after 5 hours on the bike I was a bit of a popsicle. I know that for the northern folk and those inclined to like cool weather that sounds ridiculous, but for my southern blood and reptilian nature (can't keep myself warm); that was not pleasant.

The next day they had a 20% chance of afternoon showers. I luckily decided to get my long run in early, because I was done around 9:30 am, and 5 minutes later I looked out the window and saw it pouring down rain, which continued for most of the day.

So, here's my question... If these people can't even give you an accurate weather forecase one day out -> how in the world can anybody take them seriously when they try to predict weather patterns over the next 50 or 100 years?!?

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