Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recovery time over...

I've been taking it very easy and doing mostly light workouts since the Redman triathlon. My left shoulder, in particular, was very sore for the first week. That is starting to feel normal again, and I'm starting to feel that workout motivation kick in again (at least a little). So, I guess it's time to start ramping things up. I only have a couple of weeks, and then I need to do at least a short taper for the Longhorn 70.3. Short recovery after that, another week or two hard, and then it will be time to taper down and get ready for IM Cozumel. Should be an interesting couple of months!


  1. Ahhh recovery, I am all over that phase. Good luck in Austin. I heard its quite the party that happens to be a tri going on at the same time. Its on my bucket list if thats true.

  2. The race director (Keith Jordan) always does a great job and makes it a lot of fun. Definitely come to TX sometime for that one.