Monday, July 27, 2009

The number of the day is...

102... This past Saturday, went on a long bike ride with a friend of mine; and when we got back we had covered 102 miles. Got pretty hot for the last couple hours, as has been the case all summer here in TX. We started/ended at a lake, so jumped in the lake for a few after the ride. Then I got dried off and got in the car, which showed the outside temp to be 102 degrees! 102 miles and 102 degrees, not quite the synergy I really wanted that day :)

After a slow start to recover from last week's triathlon, got back into normal training mode last week, ending with the aforementioned 102 mile bike ride, a little time on the elliptical; and then an 18 mile run on Sunday morning.


  1. GEEZE, 102 reminds me when I lived in Arizona, but thats a different heat there, not Texas heat.

  2. yeah, been ridiculous hot this year in Central TX; plus a major drought. Bad combo.