Friday, April 3, 2009

Computers Hate Us

Other than my computer hard drive crashing and the hours of misery that goes along with trying to get things restored (backup your files people!), it's been a pretty quiet week of getting ready for the Lonestar Half Ironman in Galveston. Heading out this evening, and the race is on Sunday. I am hoping to get close to 5 hours, maybe even break that mark; although it would take a really good day to beat 5 hours. I'll be happy with anything close to that, just have to see what the day brings. You never know about weather, mechanical difficulties, how your body is going to act that day, etc. I'll post a race report early next week with the results.

Funny thing about the "Computers Hate Us" reference. That was my screensaver message a while back (after a different crash), and I'd since changed it to something else. Part of the weirdness of restoring from backups is that sometimes things revert to a previous state; and one of those was my screensaver; which once again started displaying "Computers Hate Us". Ironic, eh?

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