Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti trip postponed - medical help needed

As painful as the decision was, we have had to postpone our trip to Haiti. We are not postponing the trip over fears for our safety, or the logistical issues we face in getting there; but purely based on an honest and heartfelt evaluation of what is important, reasonable, and what is needed in Haiti right now. We are of course all very disappointed, as this trip has been planned for well over a year, and we really wanted to go and see and minister to our friends in Les Abricot. But there are other needs that are greater right now...

The overwhelming need that RMI has in Haiti is medical help in the city of Les Cayes. The RMI mission center is located right outside of Les Cayes, and refugees from the Port Au Prince area are pouring into the area at a tremendous rate. Since Les Cayes is the nearest city with working hospitals, medical help, and supplies, it is expected that within a few days Les Cayes will have quadruple (4x) its normal population. RMI is scrambling to provide medical and relief help to those refugees.

This brings up some important ways that people can help with the situation in Haiti in a very direct and immediate way. I know some are going to be more comfortable donating through the big and well-known charities; but if you are looking for an alternative I can personally attest that all funds sent to RMI for earthquake relief will immediately be put to use to help the refugees that are pouring in to Les Cayes. Also, if you have medical training or know somebody who does; they can really use you out there!

Please read the link below to learn more about what they are doing and see if you can help:

RMI Earthquake Relief

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