Friday, November 6, 2009

Are we there yet?!?

I'm starting to feel like my kids used to on our long road trips... ready to finish the journey and relax/stretch out a bit :) My final race for the year is coming up in just about 3 weeks - Ironman Cozumel on Nov 29th. Not sure if I'm more anxious about doing the race, or getting it over with and being able to hang out on the beach sipping margaritas the rest of the week! This has been a fun year and I've been able to accomplish what I set out to do (well, once I finish this race...); but I'm ready both physically and mentally to do some rest and recovery.

This week I've been back to full bore training, and I'll wrap it up this weekend with a 100+ mile bike ride (with about 8 mile run after); and then 18-20 mile run on Sunday. After that, I'll start moving into taper mode and preparing for Cozumel. I'm actually feeling pretty good this week, other than a slight pull in my upper left hamstring that's nagging me (mostly on the bike).

So, time for the home stretch... Let's get it done and have a great finish to a very good year!

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  1. I applaud all you late season races, I dont know how you do it. And I am still in awe over your race schedule this year. Taper time, relax a little, then some well deserved R&R. Have fun this weekend.