Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More heat, more numbers...

As mentioned in last post, not liking the Texas heat much for training. I did a 93 mile bike ride last weekend, and it was 95 degrees by the time I was done. Ouch. I was supposed to do a 5 mile run afterwards, but 3 1/2 was all I decided to brave in the heat I've learned that heat exhaustion does not make for great training. Did a 15 mile run the following morning, but there was actually some cloud cover and a strong wind, so that made things much better. Next weekend I'm supposed to try to hit 100 miles on the bike again. I may experiment with doing the last hour on the computrainer. It is still great bike training, and it will allow me to get out of the heat. The run will still be hot, but at least I'll have been indoors for an hour beforehand. I may even run before the computrainer. Anyone ever tried that?

In other news, being terribly left-brained analytical, I can't help myself but to crunch the numbers once in a while. I'm closing in on 200,000 yds of swimming, 2500 miles of biking, and I'm just over 700 miles of running so far this year. I have decided that ironman triathlons are not so much a question of your level of ability, but more a question of your level of obsession.

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